HRC Diamond Ltd offers controlled demolition services using unique Brokk machines and equipment that can be operated remotely from a safe distance. Additionally, the compact size and unique design of the machines make it ideal to work in sensitive or confined spaces. The Brokk machines are free from Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) and have many applications including demolition of pre-cast staircases, small buildings, and floor slabs. The machines used for demolition have many applications and have different attachments that can suit and match any requirement. The most compact machine from Brokk is small enough to fit through doorways and restricted spaces. However, it does not compromise on the power it packs. Concurrently, bigger machines and equipment are also available for larger projects like mining, tunneling, etc.

The different attachments that can be fitted on the machine help them achieve many purposes and tasks. Custom made attachments can also be requested as per the needs and requirements of the customer.

The certified machines are operated by well-trained professionals and are okay to use in closed and confined spaces. The motors powering the machine varies from different models and includes electric powered ones.

The remote-controlled demolition services have many applications. A few of them are listed below:

  • Construction – From the demolition of smalls structures to big buildings, using remote-controlled demolition machines have significant advantages and benefits. They can be used for multiple purposes including breaking through walls or stairwells, crunching and cutting through concrete, breaking into floor slabs, etc. Due to the easy deployment and high productivity of Brokk machines, it has easily become the preferred choice for demolition.
  • Tunneling – The remote-controlled machines offered by HRC Diamond Ltd, can also be used for tunneling and excavation. This offer many applications including rescue, cross-excavation, etc.
  • Cement and Bricks – HRC diamond ltd offer machines that can offer high productivity in cleaning cement kilns and demolishing brick linings. The machines cut, crunch and saw through the concrete in a safe and efficient manner saving both man hours and extra expenditure.
  • Mining – Compact designs and versatile applications make the Brokk machines a must-have in the mining industry.


Using the Brokk remote-controlled machines, HRC diamond ltd can help provide the most efficient and safe solution when it comes to construction or tunneling projects. Since they are operated and serviced by well-trained professionals, common issues like injuries, loss of productive time, and impact to nearby structures can all be avoided.

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