Core drilling is the process of using specifically designed drill bits to remove a cylinder of a material from a surface. This material is referred to as a core.  HRC Diamond offers drilling services that can be used at any angles, diameters or depth on multiple surfaces like Granite, Brick, Stone, Wood, reinforced concrete, etc. The diameter of the drill bits varies from 6mm to any size as needed. Due to larger heat resistance and strength, one of the most commonly used drill bits is diamond tipped. Carbide tipped drill bits are also used when drilling for masonry, concrete and metal surfaces.

The common applications of core drills

Here are some of the most common uses of core drills:

    1. House construction and maintenance – For many common tasks including setting lines for plumbing, electrical work, Drainage, ventilation work, etc., core drilling plays a paramount role due to its versatility. Wherever feasible, HRC diamond uses mounts and accessories to reduce damage to nearby structures making it ideal for sensitive places like Hospitals, Schools and other similar buildings.
    2. Mineral exploration – As drills of any diameter can be used on hard surfaces, core drilling is favorable for mineral exploration as it provides real-time analysis and results as and when the core drill bores down into the surface.
    3. Geological studies- Also used for analysis and mapping geological areas, samples can be extracted in a quick and efficient way using this form of drilling.
    4. The strength of materials- By taking out core samples, the strength of materials and structures like pillars, walls, slabs, etc. can easily be determined and analyzed. Various samples acquired can then be used to make suitable adjustments to the composition of the materials used to increase their strength and longevity. HRC Diamond machinery is serviced by professionals and meets all the safety standards and regulations required.
  • Sanitation – For laying pipelines, sewer lines, and other similar applications, core drilling is one of the most commonly used procedures. Even complicated and sensitive processes including extraction of water and oil from underground reservoirs can be accomplished through core drilling.


To overcome limitations of the diameter of the drill bits, core drilling equipment can also be used to perform stitch drilling. This is the process of drilling closely together to form any shape as required including squares, circles, etc. On completion of the drilling process, the shape sized opening will then be formed on the drilling surface. HRC Diamond offers many services in core drilling tailored to fit your needs and gets the job done using state-of-the-art machinery and experienced professionals.

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