Track Sawing is known for its precision and speed when it comes to cutting vertical or horizontal structures of various materials. The setup equipment consists of a track mounted machine equipped with a circular blade that can cut precise sizes and openings in concrete floors, walls, roads, etc. The track is normally mounted on the surface being cut allowing the blade to move through the track system. HRC diamond Ltd offers track saw equipment that can operate and cut in any angles and working conditions making it versatile for different applications and requirements as per your need.

The precision power tool can also be operated remotely from a safe distance making it efficient and safe for use for various applications. It can be used for cutting openings for doors, windows, escalator shafts, etc. Its flexibility also allows usage in trimming slab edges and other similar requirements.

They can be used for precision cuts up to 1m depth in different materials including reinforced concrete, bricks, stone, roads, etc. HRC diamond ltd has significant expertise and knowledge when it comes to operating track sawing equipment making it an ideal choice for all your requirements.


Why is track sawing advantageous when compared to other conventional methods?

  1. Accuracy – When compared to stitch drills or wire saws, the most accuracy and precision can be obtained by using track sawing equipment. A depth of up to 1200 mm can be achieved using the saw making it possible for various applications and usage.
  2. Versatility for any job – Ranging from domestic purposes and tasks to larger industrial applications, track saws can be made flexible to accommodate any need or requirement without having to compromise on quality or efficiency.
  3. Works well in confined spaces- Even when there is restricted space, wall sawing is a feasible solution for cutting and creating openings for windows, doors, lift shafts, etc.
  4. Can be remotely operated and is safe to use – As high-frequency electrically powered variants are available from HRC diamond ltd, the danger of dangerous gases or fumes being emitted is eliminated. The track sawing equipment can also be operated remotely making it safe and convenient for the operators.

Track sawing also has applications in demolition purposes and repair work of roads and pavements where fast and efficient cutting work is needed. Choosing HRC diamond ltd for your track sawing needs can give you quick and effective results without compromising on time and quality.

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