What is wall chasing?

Wall chasing is a common process through which narrow grooves can be cut into walls or other similar materials by using high-precision power tools. The tools are generally electrically powered and make use of running abrasive discs to cut through material. Though tools that equip twin discs are used in most projects, tools with up to 6 discs are also available that can help you cut through stronger material. Concurrently, wider grooves can be cut when the tools are equipped with more discs.

HRC Diamond ltd provide wall chaser equipment that can cut channels up to 40mm in depth in different materials including reinforced concrete, brick, stones, etc.

What are its applications?

Wall chasing services offered by HRC diamond ltd has many applications and uses. The main purpose of this equipment is to neatly sink cables or pipes into walls or floors. The cuts and grooves made can be highly precise, neat and does not damage adjacent walls or structures.

Whether it is for domestic purposes or for large industrial applications, wall chasers can be used in the following situations:

  • Hiding electrical cables or pipes – Pipes or wires that are visible are generally an eyesore also pose significant risks and hazards. However, by using the wall chaser equipment from HRC Diamond Ltd, you can bury these cables or pipes neatly in the walls or floors.
  • Laying junction boxes or Control panels – The equipment also comes handy when you are trying to lay junction boxes or control panels. The versatility of the equipment allows you to cut materials in proximity to make space for equipment like junction boxes, switch blocks or control panels.
  • Making space for any equipment or blocks that need to be concealed in walls- Due to the flexible nature of the equipment, any shape and size can be cut out to make way for other similar equipment that needs to be concealed in the wall.

What do you need to consider before using wall chaser equipment?

As they are hand-held equipment, it is always better to consider to hire experienced professionals who can get the job done in a safe and efficient manner. For projects involving wall chasers in established buildings, it is recommended to have the walls scanned and examined thoroughly to avoid damages and cracks.

Additionally, during the operation of such equipment, a large amount of dust and debris is generated. However, HRC Diamond Ltd couples the HTLI wall chaser equipment with dust extraction units that can give you the most efficient results. This also avoids issues and allergies that can arise from breathing in dust particles making it safe to operate even in confined spaces.

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